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My picture „At Home Outdoors“ (in german: Draussen Zuhause) made it into the Book „The 200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide“. I’m very prod that the picture was chosen by a international jury that judged the more than 3000 submissions. Such experiences really are worth the effort behind a picture like this. I hope that I will have more experiences like this in the future.

The 200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide
The 200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide

In September, one of my pictures was nominated for the young talent award at the photokina 2014 in Cologne (Köln). And guess what! I made the third price 🙂

Hurrayyy!!!!!!! You can find the picture in the CGI section of my portfolio. The picture is named „at home outdoors“ ( in German: Draußen Zuhause).



For the two or three readers of my tiny blog… big sorry that I haven’t uploaded any new posts. It was a very busy time and lot of work was going on.

But watch out, interesting things are coming soon.

It’s nearly done!

I never worked with WordPress, but it was time to change to a content management system.

I still love my old, hand made website and not just because it was a sh*t load of work. The design, the colors, and the arrangement, everthing of the old site really represents who I am and how I am. But adding a single picture was so much work… so I never wanted to upload new work because it took to much Time. And YEAH… TIME IS MONEY.

With this content management system (WordPress) everything is so much easier. Uploading Pictures, writing my blog, changing the layout…. of course it will take me a while to get a harmonious setup so that everything looks coherent but I’m sure I can make it happen.