BTS Nora I

Hi, my name is Thomas Michalczyk, aka Tommy.


I study design at the University of Applied Sciences in Nuremberg with major in photography, CGI (computer generated imaging) and cast.    Cast? … What the hack is cast? … Well, lets call it audio visual communication in the internet (like youtube, vimeo, sound cloud, facebook and so on)


At the moment I live in Erlangen, where I also work as an electrical engineer. In my spare time (when I don’t study or do weird engineering stuff) I love to do handicraft and other DIY projekts as well as sports (archery, longboarding, paragliding, snowboarding, climbing and traveling).


If you got any further questions… you can try to use a crystal ball, pray to heaven, or (and I would recommand this) you can use the contact page and simply send me an e-mail! [button href=““ align=“center“] Contact [/button]

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